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I would like to offer my full endorsement to Heart and Saul Cleaning. They have cleaned my home for several years and always do a thorough and careful job. The owners go out of their way to accomodate my schedule and special requests and the workers are professional, pleasant and completely focused on the work. Thanks Heart and Saul!

- A Satisfied Customer Morristown, NJ

Heart and Saul did an incredible job. We have a very old (+200 years) house and they we able to make it look new. The beams were cleaned, light fixtures, bathroom fixture, they even took the time to organize the pantry. We discovered items we didn't know we had.
Three people arrived on time and spent roughly six hours going from room to room. After the top floor was finished they had us review those rooms to make sure we were happy. From their the moved to the main floor and kept at it until every room sparkled.
They are not the cheapest game in town but their work is proof you get what you pay for.

- Extremely happy customer

The team is absoluteluy fantastic. They work continuously, move furniture, clean windows, wood floors, kitchen cabinets,
My wook floors have never looked that good,
The stainless steel items just glow! They don't miss a trick.
They are prompt, courteous, professional, and wonderful staff.
The owners Sue and her husband are so kind, courteous, open to any suggestions and make sure their staff does quality work.

- A Satisfied Customer Whippany, NJ

I don't use a housecleaning service. I clean the house myself (about 90 min a week. So..the house (we have owned it for 11 years) was due for a MAJOR housecleaning. So, if you think the price seems like a lot, I think it was worth every penny. I don't think there is even an inch that they didn't cover. So I would say that if you want the job done right these' are the people to hire. The ladies that came were quiet, efficient, and knew how to "really clean". I was also amazed at their stamina. They were like energizer bunnies that just "kept going". A total of 33 hours was spent cleaning. They cleaned the shelves in my bath room cupboards, putting things neatly away, cleaned door jambs, cleaned in between the windows and the screens and dusted all books (we have hundreds). They hand scrubbed my tile floors (bathrooms a hallway and the kitchen, as well as the florida room) They asked a few questions, but basically I did not have to supervise. I also had the carpets cleaned (that was extra), but the job done was as good as hiring a "carpet cleaner", plus they waxed my wood floors too.
I am not moving, I simply wanted the house clean And they did the job well. I would recommend them to anyone.

- A Satisfied Customer East Brunswick, NJ